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Made for the whole fleet

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Fotos: ©Viktor Mildenberger/pixelio.de; ©Monika Wisniewska/Fotolia.com  

CROSSMOS is an ELB (electronic logbook) and ETL (electronic technical logbook) developed with state-of-the-art methods and technologies.

CROSSMOS consists of a service oriented architecture with modular and exchangeable components, exchangeable interfaces and separately updateable software modules.

The user interface is suitable for the relevant tasks, self-descriptive, error tolerant and allows lots of individualization.

Aiming to become THE standard ELB (or ETL) solution.


  • Real-Time fault reporting

    Using CROSSMOS you can deliver data to your airline M&E more accurately and faster than before.

  • Speedy workflows

    With pre-populated form fields and pre-defined text-blocks you can edit the content within seconds.

  • Made for the whole fleet

    Run the same software on retro-fitted and integrated hardware.

Open flight screen of CROSSMOS ELB on an aircraft

CROSSMOS ELB is an electronic techlog that works with AMOS and gladly interfaces with A/C systems, electronic Flight Bags (EFB), ACARS printers and everything else. It operates on different devices e.g. on Microsoft Surface™ Tablets and Panasonic Toughpads as well as on all other Microsoft Windows-driven devices.

CROSSMOS electronic technical logbook is able to synchronize work steps with AMOS (Version 10.70+).

The ELB software includes a pilot client, a cabin client and a
maintenance client with different options for everybody in the fleet.

As a further step forward into the paperless future, SWISS International Air Lines went LIVE with CROSSMOS. An improved and faster communication between cabin and cockpit devices will simplify the overview and status of aircraft. If you want to know more about SWISS’ Go Live, follow this link.