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CROSSMOS – the eTechLog for the aviation industry

CROSSMOS® electronic aircraft technical log is the eTechLog made for the whole fleet containing a pilot logbook, a cabin logbook and a maintenance logbook.

CROSSMOS® eTechLog has many advantages:

CROSSMOS eTechLog is made for the whole fleet (no matter which kind of AC you are running)

CROSSMOS is already successfully running on a diverse fleet – SWISS International Air Lines

CROSSMOS works when you are offline (even if you do not have a connection to the ground server you can still open and close flights, enter complaints etc.)

CROSSMOS® eTechLog is flexible and adaptable:

CROSSMOS works with AMOS as well as with any other backend MRO system

CROSSMOS has different backup possibilities (backup on SD-card, backup on USB-stick)

CROSSMOS works on different hardware devices

Pilot logbook

Maintenance logbook

Cabin logbook

CROSSMOS Pilot Mode with Inflight Overview
Maintenance Client of CROSSMOS ELB with on-screen-keyboard
CROSSMOS Cabin Client with Text Block Picker for entering Cabin complaints

The cockpit crew can

  • synchronize with ground
  • open / close flight
  • accept aircraft status
  • enter complaints
    (free text or pre-defined text blocks)
  • fill forms
  • review cabin complaints
  • fuel uplift / remaining fuel (optional)
  • preflight check (optional)
  • autoland (optional)
  • engine overspeed (optional)
  • de-icing (optional)

The maintenance crew can

  • synchronize with ground
    (including core data)
  • enter complaints
    (free text or pre-defined text blocks)
  • fill forms
  • add action/deferral/closure/reference to complaint
  • give CRS
  • fuel uplift (optional)
  • service fluid uplift (optional)
  • preflight check (optional)
  • engine overspeed (optional)

The cabin crew can

  • synchronize with ground
  • view cabin status
  • enter complaints
    (graphical decision tree or free text)

CROSSMOS® flight log for avionics eliminates paperwork and avoids double work regarding administration. Therefore, it helps the airlines to save time and money. In addition, it makes life easier for pilots, cabin and maintenance crew because of  key-word standardization. Because the data gets standardized by the implementation of CROSSMOS troubleshooting will be improved regarding quality and time saving.

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