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Galileo medical and training therapy device for Anja

Some time ago, the management of CrossConsense decided not to give away any Christmas presents or postcards to customers anymore but to spend money for those who need a ray of hope in their life. To achieve this, we are working together with MainLichtblick e.V., a non-profit-organization located in Frankfurt that takes care about seriously ill, physically impaired and traumatized children.
We are now glad to tell you, that we (together with other supporters) could fulfill the wish of Anja’s parents. Here is her story (this is a translation of the text that can be found on MainLichtblick’s website.

Desired: Galileo

MainLichtblick e.V. is very happy about these lines of Anja’s family:
“We would like to sincerely thank you and the generous donors for the Galileo of our daughter!
Anja practices daily and diligently and has learned crawling in a relatively short time by the good strengthening of her muscle power. And since the weekend she even manages to pull herself up and stand on her own feet – it’s so wonderful, how beautiful.”
Thanks to many helping hands and the great donations (made by CrossConsense, family Kimpel and to Natascha and Lothar Krebs of Krebs illustration studios), we could give this ray of hope and help little Anja to feelings of success. Helping is good!