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SWISS International Air Lines decided to use CROSSMOS Electronic Logbook for their entire fleet starting with an on-board solution on the B777 getting continued with the Airbus fleet and finally ending up with an integrated solution on the Bombardier CS100-series. SWISS is now live since January 2016 without having faced any major problems.

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The basic requirement of SWISS International Air Lines concerning an E-Techlog System was that it should combine the following logbooks currently in use within SWISS:


Performance of Pre Flight Check
Acceptance of aircraft by Flight Crew
Statistical data
Remaining Fuel


Reporting of all PIREP and maintenance complaints
Reporting of all scheduled maintenance


Reporting of all Cabin complaints by Cabin Crew / Maintenance (All safety relevant cabin complaints to be transferred to the Techlog)

CROSSMOS Electronic Logbook meets all these requirements

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Since April 1st, 2017 the complete fleet of Edelweiss Air AG is equipped with CROSSMOS electronic technical logbook.
Edelweiss Air uses the pilot client as well as the maintenance client of CROSSMOS. The Edelweiss fleet consists of short-haul as well as long-haul Airbus AC which are now all equipped with CROSSMOS.

Entering a complaint in cockpit client

Fritz Zaugg, Head of Maintenance at Edelweiss Air says:

“By introducing CROSSMOS ELB in addition to the Electronic Flight Bag, the cockpit of the Edelweiss Air aircraft now became paperless. The entire log book complaint process for both, cockpit as well as cabin crews is now fully integrated. The changeover from paper to electronic books went smooth and seamless. Flight crews and maintenance personnel appreciate the easy handling.”

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After thoroughly testing CROSSMOS, Air Dolomiti finally decided to implement CrossConsense’s electronic technical logbook in its fleet. Air Dolomiti S.p.A owned by Lufthansa, being an Italian regional airline with its head office in Dossobuono, Villafranca di Verona, Italy, is operating a fleet of 10 Embraer E-195. The new technology will be introduced to speed up all the processes and to minimize errors in TLB data management by crew and maintenance staff. With CROSSMOS both cockpit crew and maintenance staff can report and close or defer technical malfunctions in a simple, clear and smart way.

Flight Init Screen of AirDolomiti Pilot Client

Marco Tognini, Air Dolomiti’s eTLB Project manager, says:

“I have been involved in eTLB project since 2015 testing several solutions. We decided for CROSSMOS because we immediately appreciate how easy is its use. We are confident that nobody will miss paper once it will be implemented in our fleet. I am sure that it will probably be the eTLB for airlines in near future!”

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Since June, 1st 2017, Lufthansa CityLine has been a new CROSSMOS customer and will start to implement the CROSSMOS eTLB in its entire fleet of Bombardier and Embraer aircraft. Lufthansa CityLine has launched the project of integrating an eTLB in its fleet in order to contribute to the modernization of the processes and to increase the environmental performance both in flight operations and in technology. By implementing CROSSMOS, Lufthansa CityLine is taking a further step towards digitization and process optimization within the Lufthansa Group.
As Lufthansa CityLine uses AMOS as its backend MRO system, the integration of CrossConsense’s electronic logbook is expected to be finished until the end of this year because the interface between CROSSMOS and AMOS has been running successfully in other airlines for more than one year.
Lufthansa CityLine will use the pilot and maintenance modules of CROSSMOS and users will be able to access CROSSMOS from the EFB that is already in place.

CROSSMOS client for Lufthansa CityLine

Axel Trampnau, Head of Technical Fleet Management at Lufthansa CityLine, says:

“We selected CROSSMOS because we need to rely on an uninterrupted process. It is so significant to digitize workflows and to share information with others. We will definitely not miss the traditional paper process once CROSSMOS will be implemented in our fleet. We look forward to realizing the full impact of the new digital solution.”

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AeroLogic signed the contract with CrossConsense to implement the CROSSMOS® eTLB. The joint venture of DHL Express and Lufthansa Cargo currently operates 10 Boeing 777F Aircraft in a worldwide route network with destinations in Europe, Middle East, Asia, North and South America. By implementing CROSSMOS® AeroLogic is taking an important step moving towards paperless maintenance.

AeroLogic is a German cargo airline based in Schkeuditz near Leipzig. It is a joint-venture between DHL Express and Lufthansa Cargo which operates scheduled international and long-haul cargo services out of its hubs Leipzig/Halle Airport and Frankfurt Airport. The company was founded September 2007. Both of Aerologic’s shareholders are the company’s customers at the same time thus making use of the capacities of the air freighters. Aerologic started commercial operation in 2009 with a fleet of 8 Boeing 777 freighter. 2017 the Aerologic’s fleet size has been increased by two additional Boeing 777. This is a great commitment by the airlines shareholders to Aerologic’s operation and the ongoing success story.

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Michael Geis, SVP CAMO at Aerologic says:

“The signs point towards growth for AeroLogic and its fleet size. Implementing CROSSMOS is an important step to optimize processes and get prepared for the future. The eTLB will reduce manual data recording, provides real-time Aircraft status at any time and substantially simplifies maintenance handling for flight crews, maintenance and operations control. As a side effect we expect higher data quality thus less control efforts. We are confident that CROSSMOS is the right tool to streamline processes and workflows to continuously ensure and enhance efficiency, punctuality, reliability and safety of our cargo operation.”