CrossConsense invites you to join our Webinar concerning CROSSMOS – our Electronic Technical Logbook (ETL) software solution. The webinar takes place on Thursday, July 30th, at 06:30 UTC/GMT and 14:30 UTC/GMT. During the webinar session we will give you an overview of CROSSMOS and its key features. There will also be a live demonstration of CROSSMOS from three different perspectives:

  1. Pilots Workflow Demonstration
  2. Cabin Defect Workflow demonstration
  3. Maintenance & Engineering Workflow Demonstration

For full CROSSMOS Webinar details, please refer to

There you can also register for attending the CROSSMOS webinar. If you have any questions regarding the webinar or other details concerning CROSSMOS, please do not hesitate to contact us on marketing(at)

Important Note:

If you missed the webinar you can still register and view a recording of the webinar.